We Find Homes


At, we pride ourselves in helping every family find a Home that perfectly fits their needs.  We want to make our hometown your hometown.

We love that “small town” feeling of our community.  Falcon has a unique mix of Homes nestled into cozy close knit neighborhoods - from the Golf course community (with all of the amenities), to the more rural homes with acreage.  No matter what your lifestyle choice may be, You will find a comfortable Home here.

We also have talent and experience in many different areas.  We are the epitome of the "know a little about a lot" person.  If you have questions about anything, we may know the answer, or who to go to for the answer.

Our passions (other than helping people with their real estate needs) are Vegetable Gardening, Horses, and Racing the 2008 Mustang Bullitt at PPIR.  If you would like an exciting experience, Marc loves to have people ride along during the race, just give him a call and he can reserve you some seat time.


Overall, we are people just like you.  We love where we live and want you to find a place you'll love just as much!

About Us

Marc and Cathy Short have lived in Falcon, Colorado for over 30 years. 

Marc's  military family is from Virginia and lived in several places throughout the US and overseas.  They moved to the Security/Widefield area in 1965.  He graduated from Widefield High School and did a short stint at the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo (now know as CSU Pueblo).  Marc has been involved in the automotive business for most of his life and in 2014 brought that "I can fix it" attitude to Real Estate.  Where some brokers will give up on a deal Marc works hard at getting homes closed.

Cathy is a Colorado native.  Her family has lived in several Colorado towns.  She graduated from Cheyenne Wells High School and also from CSU (the one in Ft. Collins).  Cathy just retired from the Post Office after delivering mail for 26 years to routes in the Peyton area.  She and Marc took a year after her retirement to work on a Fix and Flip property that became quite a learning experience.  The lessons learned there are available to you without the headaches!